Closer than ever

It’s true, every day I’m one day closer to going into labor. But that seems even more real now that I’m on the verge of delivering at any moment … or, not for weeks. Some days, I feel like everything’s falling into place and it’s just hours away, and other days I feel like it could be a long time before all the right gears hit at once and I get a baby.

Today is different though, I feel closer than ever to going into labor. I’ve been having more contractions, and stronger ones, all day. I feel Eleanor’s frustration with her cramped-ness and I feel SO FULL OF BABY that I will burst. I know that’s one of the cues that babies get to final set labor off, along with the gradual degradation of the placenta (which terrifies me) and the readiness of their lungs. Yesterday, I swear I could see her practicing breathing. It didn’t feel or look like her hiccups, just a slow, verrrrrry slight rhythmic up-down-up-down that didn’t coincide with my breath or heartbeat.

I’m still feeling great, despite the slight discomfort I’m in due to being totally full of baby and the minor contractions. Today I had a nervous kind of fit that propelled me to gather all the food I have at work to bring home so that it doesn’t go bad while I’m away. And I have all my projects pretty well wrapped up as of this afternoon, I think. As much as I can, anyways. There’s so many things I’ll have to let go of to go on maternity leave, but I leave it in capable hands at the studio. Six weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if I could keep up going to work but now I’m so glad I did. The distraction, mental & physical exercise, and more time with the baby make it so worth it. Now, my last day is only a week away and I feel like the time has flown. Knowing my mom worked on all three of the days she delivered her babies inspires me to keep it up.

Oh! Jeff had a great idea, we don’t have many books for Eleanor, so he made a “shelf” of all the ones we do have so that when people want to send a book for her we don’t get duplicates. Here’s the site: I have such fond memories of the books I grew up with I know it’s something she’ll have forever. In fact, three of the books on Eleanor’s shelf are right off mine (I gleaned them from my childhood bookshelf on my last trip to Texas). I hope she enjoys them as much as I did.

Here’s hopin’ that tonight’s the night!


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wife, mom, graphic designer, living by the sea.

2 responses to “Closer than ever

  1. Jessica

    That’s cool you are feeling those contractions– honestly, my due date came and went, and the most I felt was a mild cramp. I’m so excited for you!

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