Something to talk about

Eleanor’s new favorite game is having a conversation; that is, she talks, then we copy her, then she talks, and so on. It’s pretty crazy to see how quickly she’s learning! Already she understands the principles of communication — back and forth, take turns, listen to one another. I’m sure it’s because Jeff and I talk a LOT to each other! And to Eleanor. Usually I’m saying something like “What am I doing, Eleanor? … I’m folding Daddy’s t-shirt! … I’m chopping up vegetables!” but she listens anyways.

Today is June 3, making her two months old — Already! The time has flown by. But I can say that with satisfaction because I’ve spent so much time watching her and playing with her during those two months, I don’t have to be sad that they’re over. That’s how I thought I’d feel. I am nostalgic for her birth, and those first few days, when the rest of the world could wait and our family belonged in a hazy cloud of newness and adoration. But I also understand that the days now are full of fun and adventure, for me and Jeff but especially for Eleanor. She’s really starting to enjoy objects, staring at pictures and toys, amazed by detail and new experience. The other day I waved my scarf over her head, it’s gauzy and magenta with dangly fringe. The look on her face was pure awe. Now, I appreciate the scarf so much more! How great is that? I get to see the whole world through brand new eyes (for a second time), and this time I get to enjoy and remember it.


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One response to “Something to talk about

  1. Jessica

    Mika loves babies, and she loves to watch these videos with me. She even makes noise back! I wonder if she is talking to Eleanor?

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