Lake Tahoe


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This weekend, Jeff, El and I went to Lake Tahoe with our small group. It was sort of a farewell to both the group and California, and it was totally amazing, relaxing, beautiful, and affirming. We love this group so much, and to think we’ve only known them for one year … it makes me miss them already and at the same time, feel hopeful about making new relationships in the future. We are definitely coming back to Tahoe, the eye-popping beauty was too much to take in and I already can’t wait to visit again. And we’re planning on meeting up with our friends again, too — make new friends and keep the old, as the saying goes.


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wife, mom, graphic designer, living by the sea.

One response to “Lake Tahoe

  1. Don Williams MGF

    Emy, you guys are REALLY living an incredibly rich life. It may be wrong but I so envy the three of you. I wish mom and I had some of your courage and imagination when we were your age. We’ll see you all soon. Love you all,
    Dad, MGF

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