And baby caveman, too!

Forgot to mention that Eleanor is on a psuedo-paleo diet as well. Of course, she can have as much dairy as she wants! But other than that, we’re making all her food and won’t be buying baby food off the shelf. Grandma Lisa gave us one of these Babycooks almost a year ago and finally I got to use it yesterday!


I waited until El was 6 months old to start fruits & vegetables, and I’ve been just dying to use this handy babyfood cooker. So yesterday, I peeled & chopped a sweet potato, dropped it into the basket, and went about my business. 15 minutes later, I remove the steamer basket, press the puree button, and voila! Super smooth & creamy whipped sweet potatoes. I even added a dash of pumpkin pie spice. Of course, I had to taste it before I would subject my daughter to it — and it was deeeelish! I think I may have eaten more of El’s first helping than she did. I think it’s her favorite food so far, she actually smiled when she tasted it and didn’t spit out any!

At her 6-month checkup on Monday, Eleanor weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. That puts her in the 50% for weight (right where she’s been, perfectly average) and 75% for length. Her head measurement is in the 90%. That makes her long, lean, and very smart. It’s a relief to get that confirmation, since I’m still breastfeeding and have yet to supplement with formula. I, like all breastfeeding mothers, occasionally have doubts that I’m still making enough milk. It’s nice to know she’s growing so healthy; and the doctor even remarked how strong and advanced she was to be sitting on her own.

And, the doctor joined in on the one compliment Eleanor gets more than anything else (other than her cuteness) by remarking on how laid back she is. That’s one thing I am so proud of her for. Maybe because it’s a hint of her budding personality, but I think it’s so cool of this little tiny babe to just roll with the punches, be happy by default, and pretty much be up for anything. Every time someone tells us she’s “so laid back!” it reminds me that she’s totally her own person, with her own perspective, that I get to share my life with and get to know.


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3 responses to “And baby caveman, too!

  1. lisa

    She’s a go with the flow girl, all my kids were like that till about 13 😉 so enjoy!!! I’m glad everyone is enjoying the food processor. Love you, Lisa

  2. Dani Cormack

    Hey lady!! I know it’s been way too long since I’ve spoken with you, but I found your blog and I absolutely love it!!! It seems as though you are truly living the dream! I’m so happy for you to read about how well you and your little family are doing. And I must say….your baby girl is absolutely adorable!! Hope all continues to go well!!


    P.S. I was speaking to my mother last week about breast feeding (she’s a labor and delivery nurse). She breast fed me and both of my sisters until we were past 12 months (and only breast milk until after our first birthday….absolutely no supplements). She SWEARS it’s why we are so healthy. None of us ever had a single ear ache or doctor appt. for anything other than our shots. And I can say that I’ve never even had the flu or anything more than a sniffle. You are doing the right thing! Keep up the amazing work! I know it can be a big time consuming and sometimes inconvenient, but it is definitely worth it.

  3. Don Williams

    Emy, of course your dad is prejudiced, but you are doing some wonderful things with Ella and Jeff. I think your natural food idea is great, read about that years ago but just never tried it, to simple I guess. But lately I’ve been realizing that the simpler a thing is, the more likely it is to work. Just got back from my 50th Senior class reunion, where we had 58 in attendance of 93 current survivors, that’s 62.365591397849462365591397849462%, not to be over precise. I’m dog tired and needing sleep. Your writing remains fresh and enlightening. More people should be reading it.

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