Friday Night Lights

Last night, we went out to a high school football game. Jeff and I both attended every single football game of our respective high school careers. Not because we are avid football fans. Because we were in the band. And that’s exactly why we went to the football game last night. We’d heard the team is good … but really, truly, we were there to scope out the marching band (for Eleanor, of course).

It was good! We had fun and I talked to the Drum Major’s Mother. The band is small, but they are heading to state marching contest in 2 weeks. In Tampa. If it were closer, Jeff and I would soooo be there.

Sitting there in the stands, hearing familiar stands tunes, in the crisp autumn air under the bright stadium lights; it was nostalgic and sweet. I was reminded of a conversation I had with my friend Ann, six months or so ago. We were talking about the ways we were raised (very similarly; me in Texas and she in Oklahoma) and how good it had been for us both.  I’d said that I wanted to raise Eleanor in a place that had a marching band, and bake sales, and football on Friday nights. And here we are — in a small town, a wholesome town. We’d been feeling a little down lately, missing San Francisco people and places (me especially). So it was good to remember that little dream I’d had a while back, and see that dream coming true.


Oh ! Jeff ran a 5K this morning. He did great — his time was 22 minutes. I think I am going to start training for one coming up in a couple of weeks. Our friends Stephen and Lacy run events, and Jeff. I’m starting to feel left out! So I think the peer pressure may be greater than my desire to not run. I hate running. But I think I hate being left out more.  And I really hate the idea of getting old and losing my physical faculties. So, here goes. Sigh. I’ve been coerced.

And, another bit of news. Jeff has accepted a position at Flagler College (across the street from our house) as Adjunct Professor, effective immediately. He’s teaching two courses of web design for the remainder of the fall semester. He had his first class on Thursday and was pleased with how it went. It’s a great opportunity for Jeff, since a whole semester is a big commitment. He can kinda dip his toe in the water and see if it suits him, then decide if he wants to return for a full semester over the holidays. I have to admit, I really like the idea of Jeff being a professor. He’s such a good teacher, and so patient, and sincere. I’ll miss him on Tuesday and Thursday evenings but I think this will be really good for him. He can build up his confidence with talking in front of people, and who knows? Maybe this is his true calling. But just to try something new is awesome. And I get to call him Professor.


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One response to “Friday Night Lights

  1. so exciting about jeff’s position at flagler! was so nice to see you guys this morning, and as soon as we get to feeling just a little bit better around here, i propose a playdate of some sort!

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