It seems like just in the last week, Eleanor’s development has been set to fast-forward — this week she quite suddenly started crawling (barely but still), sitting herself up, clapping her hands, pulling up on things, waving, and, just yesterday, she stood unsupported for a moment and regained her balance all on her own. People had told me that “the second six months” were fun and exciting, but I didn’t expect this. Every time I turn around she’s doing something more and more like a kid and less like a baby — getting into everything and investigating and interacting … she is amazing. And I’m also astounded at how exciting every milestone is for Jeff and I — we stop whatever we’re doing to cheer and celebrate her success. When she was newborn, I couldn’t imagine things getting any better than they already were, but I can see how parenting improves with time now.

Eleanor’s favorite game now is “Let’s  Get Noah” … here’s a video.


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