Carry On

Lately I’ve been carrying Eleanor in a wrap again — for a while I traded the wrap for the sling, and I still use the sling a lot; it’s just not for long periods of time any more because her wieght is starting to hurt my back. But my friend Lauren told me about wearing her boy on her back and she loved it, so I thought I’d give it a try. This is the Rucksack Carry I’m using:

Eleanor enjoys it, and I love that she’s always so close to my face. She peeks over my shoulder and I talk to her and show her things. We’ve been using this carry specifically for chores around this house. It’s great for this because it’s secure, she’s out of the way (with the sling it can be difficult to use both hands for chores like sweeping and dishes), and she’s content to watch and listen. Plus, it’s way easier on my back to have her weight distributed evenly for long periods of time. Best of all, it’s quick to get into and out of, so I know it’s a wrap I’ll use often. I plan to keep adding to my repertoire of useful and fun wraps for bigger babies and toddlers, and I’ll keep posting as I find ones that I like. I love wearing Eleanor, and she loves it too!


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One response to “Carry On

  1. Jessica

    What a great idea! I have been pushing a chair up to the kitchen sink when I’m doing stuff there, otherwise Mika cries because she feels left out. But I think I will break the Beco babycarrier back out and see how she does.

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