Birthday and Easter

Or, the weekend we introduce our daughter to sugar. She went wild for it! And, she’s officially learned the sign for “more.”

Lots of pics to enjoy, video to come soon. We were delighted to have Jeff’s mom & sister Gena & her friend Kelsey, my brother Devan & his girlfriend Erin, and lots and lots of friends in attendance. Our good friends Danielle and Kyle graciously hosted at their beautiful home in Saint Augustine, and my good friend Lacy made the most amazing cupcakes EVER. (I won’t lie, I had one for breakfast…ok, maybe two.)

It seems impossible that my baby girl is a year old already, the time has flown. I have definitely been nostalgic the last couple of days, mostly about her birth. I feel like I can really appreciate the true meaning and significance of birthdays now, after celebrating one for Eleanor. She had no clue about why we were all gathered, and will have no memory of the day. But still, 30 or so people (and lots who couldn’t make it) were there just celebrating her arrival to Earth and her presence in their lives. As usual, she was the life of the party, and I felt privileged to call her my daughter. I made a point to just take time to hang out with her and Jeff though, and it made me feel special to know that all the It Girl wanted to do was hang out with me, too. I am so glad that God made families, and that He gave me one to enjoy.

For Easter today, we went to breakfast with Devan and Erin, then out to the park to look for eggs, then to the beach. Video of the St. Augustine Easter Parade to come soon!


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wife, mom, graphic designer, living by the sea.

2 responses to “Birthday and Easter

  1. Natasha

    I am so glad that God made families too. And yours is definitely one of the most beautiful families I know.

  2. lisa

    I wish i could come over and give Eleanor a kiss and hug:( I guess you’ll have to give her one for me. I loved the way Eleanor got into her cake, it makes me smile thinking about it. Do you have a video of that, it would make my day! Love to all, miss everyone, Love Lisa

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