Animal Noises

Eleanor is really getting into animal noises lately. She can do bunches of them, and just likes pointing out animals she sees outside and in books. She knows that:

  • Lions “Roar”
  • Bears “Gur”
  • Cows “Mah!”
  • Horses “pbbbbblt”
  • Dogs “wuf wuf”
  • Ducks “wak wak”

She is also a dancing’ fool. Seriously, she’s got moves I never imagined a 1-year-old having. But her favorite song to dance to is this: Clap Your Hands by They Might Be Giants. They have a whole kids’ album that’s really awesome, and was given to us by our friend Chantal and her little boy Fenn (from our birth class in San Francisco!) Anyways, here’s a video of Eleanor (and I) dancing to her favorite song.


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wife, mom, graphic designer, living by the sea.

5 responses to “Animal Noises

  1. lisa

    Look at those little legs go, and her clapping skills are fantastic. So cute, thanks for posting.
    Love, Lisa

  2. Tara

    so cute!! my son is 5 1/2 months, can’t wait until he starts talking!
    …visiting from Coping with Frugality…

  3. Jamie

    Aw how sweet. I love that age! She is super cute and I love her name!!

  4. LOVE baby’s first words! My dd is 18 mos and chatting up a storm!

  5. Isn’t it the cutest when they start making animal noises.

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