Baby Ballerina

Eleanor got a skirt this Christmas (actually it is a petticoat … my mom bought it for her to wear under the flower girl dress she wore in my brother’s wedding) that she is absolutely in love with. Every morning, she gets out of bed, finds the skirt, and holds it up to me asking “Weah?” (wear)

She then insists on wearing it over her pajamas, over her playclothes, and when she’s running around (otherwise) stark naked after a bath. I love to see her budding fashion sense emerge. She’s so daring! And it’s fun to travel around town with a baby ballerina — she gets a lot of attention and loves showing off her “pitty jess.”

Other AWESOME new development, Eleanor says “Mommy? I waive you” and “I waive you Daddy!” and so on. It’s pretty much the best thing I ever heard. She calls us from her bed when she wakes up from her nap, knowing that we can’t ignore her — we always have to say “I love you” back, acknowledging that she’s awake and ready to play. She gives us tender hugs and softly says “I waive you” and I think my heart will burst. This is definitely the best age yet.


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  1. Dana

    love this post!

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