Craft Project

I MADE A CHANDELIER. I am pretty pleased with myself. I couldn’t have done it without the flea-market prowess of Channi, the adept decorating skills of Danielle, some deft hack-sawing by my friend and neighbor Jim, and the most manliest wiring excellence of Jeff. And, thanks to Kara Paslay for posting some very good DIY directions here.

Yep, those are Mason Jars. I knew I’d been collecting them for something other than ironic glassware, I just didn’t know what that was until I saw one of these Mason Jar Chandeliers on Etsy for a few hundred dollars. I made mine for about $35. It only took a 3 or 4 hours to make, and then about an hour to install it with Jeff’s help. That light switch already had a dimmer on it, and it looks SO awesome in a dark room on a super dim setting. I’ve been waiting and waiting to change the fan out in the dining room, but it had to be for just the right thing. So glad I could do it with my own two hands.


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7 responses to “Craft Project

  1. great job! Found your post through their tutorial as well, I’m really curious about the attaching to the ceiling plate part, and how you attached the PVC to the ceiling plate? Any help would be GREAT!

    • Emily

      Can’t help you there, unfortunately 🙂 I just used the existing mount that once held up a fan there. It was extremely convenient and at least it was white, which blends in with the ceiling paint. That was the one part of Paslay’s directions that I didnt quite understand, so I’m glad it worked out ! Good luck to you, I’d love to see yours when you’re finished!

  2. Em, love the chandelier. Love the buck deer. I see I, v, r, L, e, y, in the antlers. What am I missing? As usual, great work.

  3. Yes, me too – I love the chandelier, and want to come and study it someday!

  4. Ali

    Did you use different lengths of wire? I really love how yours turned out!

    • Emily

      I actually started with all the same length to give me the flexibility to arrange them how I wanted, then staggered them and secured them with the cable tie. After they were gathered, I cut the wires to the same length above the cable tie. I’d marked which wires were attached to bulbs (only 6 in all) and stripped those wires. Good luck, it’s not that hard, just takes time and some head-scratching!

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