Eleanor says:

Despite being extremely capable of expressing herself, Eleanor still mispronounces a few words. I have NO intention of correcting her. She is too cute, and growing up way too fast. Here are some adorable misfires I’ve noticed:

  • Thrill-Up … As in, vomit. Isn’t that thrilling?
  • Those things you splash in after the rain are Cuddles, not puddles.
  • Jubbleing is what Jeff does with three objects in midair.
  • When we’re planting in the backyard, she grabs her Shubble.
  • She doesn’t eat spaghetti, she eats Doodles.
  •  Pirates greet one another by shouting “Ahoy, Maybes!”  (is that, like, a Pirate Wannabe?)

they start ’em young these days…


About Emily

wife, mom, graphic designer, living by the sea.

3 responses to “Eleanor says:

  1. Is that June in the pirate do?

  2. Lisa

    Pirate Wannabe Maybe?:) To cute….

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